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Global Pulp News Fossil-free Södra: Actions speaker louder than words

Fossil-free Södra: Actions speaker louder than words

Kvinna tankar en lastbil med biodrivmedel från skogen Södra Cell Bioproducts

It’s no secret that the race to climate neutrality is accelerating, but it was actually back in 2015 that Södra announced it wanted to be a pioneer in this respect. In the hope that we can help drive the transition to a circular bioeconomy, we’re aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2030, compared with the base year 2020. And by 2040, we want our greenhouse gas emissions to reach net zero.

Since we laid out these ambitious plans eight years ago, we’ve taken several steps towards our goals which apply to both production and transport, input goods and the entire logistics chain. “Setting a high climate ambition at Södra reflects who we are and shows that we are at the forefront. We can both inspire and show the way for others in our value chain as well as be inspired by our partners," says Anders Norén, Head of Sustainability and Program Owner for fossil-free Södra.  

We have defined 13 priority areas where we will create the conditions to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and our climate footprint. These include everything from the electrification of internal and external transport to sea freight, the production of biofuels and strategic collaboration on chemicals.  

As Henrik Brodin, Programme Director at fossil-free Södra explains, “Switching from the fossil fuel system around which production and transport are built requires a huge change in how we work throughout the value chain. Södra is large and motivated, but we can't do everything. Prioritising means that we can ensure that our resources are put where they are most useful for long-term sustainable development."  

“We and many other companies are currently focusing on the electrification of transport, but we won the Laddguldet prize as far as back as 2019 for the company in Sweden that promoted electrified transport in the best way. We have been early starters in many areas, which has led to numerous others wanting to collaborate with us.

A good example of how we have driven change is our investment in biomethanol production, explains Brodin. “Now that fossil-free methanol is available, shipping companies are daring to invest in methanol-powered vessels. It is only through action that we can bring about change.”


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