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Long-term growth starts in the forest.  

Some see a forest. We see a source of renewable raw material, climate benefits, long-term economic growth and Swedish innovativeness that will never stop growing. And together with us, you will discover how.

We convert wood raw material into climate-smart products

Södra is made up of 3,000 employees who consider conversion of the forest products delivered by our 52,000 owners into renewable, climate-smart products to be our main mission. That is how we create profitability. Our operations span products ranging from paper pulp to sawn timber to areas comprising renewable energy, building systems and dissolving pulp. The products are then exported to international markets.

Long-term and value-generating approach

The seeds that grow into saplings, and grow into trees that are managed and nurtured for 70 years before they are harvested – that’s what we call a long-term approach. The billions that we invest in our mills to enable continued growth in global markets – that’s what we call a long-term approach. We will continue to develop our existing products, but also increase our focus on further processing and innovation. Our aim is to find climate-smart solutions in every stage of the value chain – from forest to customer.

Looking for new solutions

Although the forest has been with us since ancient times, it’s always ready for new challenges. Replacing oil and plastics is perhaps its most important task at present, and we work closely with customers and researchers to find new solutions. Many of our innovations are already helping the climate, while others require more work or collaboration on a larger scale to become a reality. The forest will not save our climate on its own, but when sustainably managed, it’s an important part of the solution.

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