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The world is our market

Södra is a large forest industry group and we create products and services for a global market and contribute to the growth of the Swedish economy. We have control over the entire value chain, from seed to customer, and promote sustainable development in all stages. We also focus strategically on innovation, with the aim of developing new and sustainable climate-smart products based on renewable raw materials from the forest. 

Generations of responsible forestry

We are a democratic association with 53,000 members, all of whom own a forest estate in southern Sweden. Their estates may be small on their own but together they are the largest private land owner in Southern Sweden. All members contribute to the business, influence the future, share the profits and help create long-term values and conditions for Swedish forestry. It’s forestry where everyone wins.

Every part of every tree

For generations, wood and pulp solutions have helped build our society. Today we continue to refine these products of the forest, but at the same time we keep discovering new, exciting uses for the wonderful renewable raw material that is wood. Building systems, biomethanol and textile pulp are just a few examples. We use every part of every tree to create the greatest benefits for everyone.



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