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Plantor av gran på Flåboda plantskola

Let’s make a sustainable future together.

For us, one word stands out as we face global climate challenges: “together”. Together with our customers, we find renewable solutions and create sustainable value chains, from raw material to final product. Together with our members, we make forestry sustainable and long term. Together we will grow a sustainable society.

The forest works for the climate change

The more we use the raw material from the forest, the greater the climate benefits. Growing trees bind lots of carbon dioxide, but even when the raw material is processed, the same amount of carbon dioxide continues to be stored, throughout the life of the product. The forest is helping to replace fossil materials in a growing number of applications – thus reducing carbon dioxide and its climate-change effect.

Innovation and creative thinking take us further

We make sure we use all our raw material, from root to tip. We make production processes more efficient and we find new, smarter ways to use our raw material, such as for new bioproducts for example. This not only strengthens competitiveness and profitability for us and our customers, it also benefits society as a whole – and reduces climate change.

Sustainable employees and a sustainable society

Responsible use of the forest is natural for us. But as a large forest company, we take responsibility in many other ways. An important part of this is to give everyone who works at Södra the opportunity to grow together with their colleagues. We offer employment, we sponsor local sports, we deliver district heating and take an active role in creating a sustainable future.  

Södra Building Systems Kilströmskaj Karlskrona

Annual and sustainability report

Södra is showing the way for sustainable development at all stages, from seed to customer, and gradually meeting its Group-wide sustainability targets such as fossil-fuel free and commercialising products with a better sustainability performance than today’s alternatives. Read our annual and sustainability report here.

Annual and sustainability report


Södra’s positive climate-change impact is equal to 25 percent of Sweden’s reported emissions. 

Södra can now once again report its positive effect on the climate. A comprehensive report shows that our net effect is positive, both through the growth of our 52,000 members’ forests, but above all by forest-based products substituting those products and energy sources that have a negative climate impact.

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Natur. Södras årsredovisning 2008. Gran. Grankvist i närbild. Träd.

Sustainability comes naturally to us

Forests have been our livelihood for generations. Sustainability for us means taking responsibility from seed to customer. We take a holistic view of our forestry advisory services, our industrial processes and our relations with customers and suppliers. 

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