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Global Sustainability Responsible employer and committed employees

Responsible employer and committed employees

We want to be a responsible employer. People should feel safe and secure at work. We are focused on occupational health and safety (OHS), succession planning and performance management, as well as creating an inclusive culture. Value-generating relationships and a long-term approach are the cornerstones of our organisational culture. Our values guide us every day and support our efforts to become a next-generation forest company. And along the way, we will also become a more attractive employer.

Targets: Zero occupational injuries and more women in leadership positions

By recruiting and developing the right employees, we are ensuring job satisfaction and competencies.

Everyone should feel that they can develop here. Södra's goal is for 50 percent of newly appointed managers to be women by 2025. This is a new target and aims to increase gender equality within Södra in the long term. The number of occupational injuries is increasing again after a few years of reduction and systematic work environment management continues. The focus is on preventive measures, such as training, risk analyses, behavioural safety work and safety rounds. Södra has a zero vision for occupational injuries and our goal is for the occupational injury rate (LTAR) to be less than 5 by 2025.

This is where we are now

Healthy presence

Healthy presence: 96% for the year 2021, the corresponding figure in 2020 was 95%.

Occupational injuries

In 2021, Södra had 56 occupational injuries, which is 19% higher compared to 2020.

Lost time accident rate

LTAR for 2021 was 11, which is 22 % higher compared with 2020.

Percentage of women employees

In 2021, 34% of newly appointed managers were women.

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