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The building blocks of a better tomorrow

We have made it our mission to make it as safe, simple and efficient as possible to use wood in large-scale building projects. We offer a wide range of climate-smart construction components that are combined with digital services, which help you plan with complete control throughout the construction process.

Our projects

Sustainable living

As an architect, you’re probably just as in love with wood as we are. It’s a flexible material that allows you to create unique structures. At the same time, it’s sustainable, robust, and enables buildings to age with elegance. Wood’s natural ability to regulate temperature, moisture and sound creates an optimal indoor climate and a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

Large-scale solutions

Södra works hard to facilitate the use of wood in large-scale projects. With our extensive experience of timber products, construction, building requirements and production, we can support you from the first draft to the finished project.  We build efficiently, cost-effectively and safely, without adding to the negative climate impact of the building sector.

Precise construction

As a constructor, a building material’s stability and durability are crucial factors when looking for the right solution for your building. Massive wood has a high load-bearing capacity and good product properties. We are able to provide such highly efficient building elements using digital models from computerised manufacturing.

Become our partner - with support throughout the construction process
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“For me, the choice is simple. Wood gives me the opportunity to make sustainable and conscious choices for me and my family ”
Familj i villa i Båstad KL-trä

Get inspired

With wood, the possibilities are almost endless. It’s cost-effective, stable and safe and can be used to build high, low and wide. Wood is a flexible, durable and beautiful material that ages with dignity. 

Our projects Why should you choose wood?


Södra Building Systems Kilströmskaj Karlskrona

The key is partnerships 

Cooperation. Dialogue. Partnership. All contribute to better business results. By working together, whether it's on design, costs or environmental impact, we can achieve the very best and most sustainable outcome possible. So don't hesitate. We're ready to help you make your ideas a reality.

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Södra Building Systems Kilströmskaj Karlskrona

We take you from idea to construction

With our substantial experience in wood products, construction, building requirements, and manufacturing, we can support you from the first draft to the assembled building frame. Together with our partners, we will make sure that the project runs smoothly.

In addition to our fast and easy to install building elements in massive wood, we can supply the construction timber you need. We also provide other components - from screws and fittings to sound insulation - directly to the construction site.

Our services Our components

Skog utanför Åled i södra Halland.

Always choose sustainable

Few things are more natural than wood products from the Swedish forest. We're one of Europe's largest suppliers of wood products for construction and almost all our wood comes from forests that have been nurtured for generations by our members. To maintain the highest standards of sustainability, we plant at least three new trees for each one we harvest, and our production is entirely fossil-fuel free.

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Join us, we're expanding

Right now, the market is changing. But one thing remains constant: the ever-increasing importance of sustainable construction. This means the need for wood is growing. It's an exciting challenge; one that you can be a part of. If you are interested in joining us on this journey, please get in touch!

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