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Let the building age with elegance

3D-bilder i byggprojektet Kilströmskaj i Karlskrona Södra Building Systems
Being an architect, you’re are probably just as in love with wood as we are. It’s a flexible material that allows you to create unique structures. At the same time, it’ is sustainable, robust, and allows buildings to age with elegance.

Creating with wood offers unique possibilities

  • Wood offers flexibility and simplicity, perfect for the architect who likes to work with new shapes and solutions. Wood enables a different type of thinking and building – one that’s futuristic but also takes us back to traditional ways of building. Wood is a reusable material. It can be repaired and changed – a building can be dismantled and assembled in a new location or burnt in a heating plant where it transforms into energy.

  • Wood is the only truly renewable building material in the world. Trees can, with some sun, carbon dioxide and water, produce timber for all eternity. And when trees are logged and used for products – such as cross-laminated timber – harmful carbon dioxide remains bound in the timber.
Balkong i trä

With our experience and your creative mind, we can create a future made of trees

With all its architectural possibilities, we think wood is exciting – and we want to build wooden houses with you! By wooden houses, we mean buildings made from massive wood elements, such as multi-story houses. Wood is a multi-purpose material. It can be used as a visible material, for both the interior and exterior, as well as being suitable for shells and facades.

In a construction project, our offer is often most valuable early in the process. We’re happy to talk with architects and constructors and share our knowledge about building with wood – describing the material’s possibilities and limitations as well as identifying areas where small changes can be made to save money. Our support also ensures that you work with realistic ideas from the start.

Familj i villa i Båstad KL-trä

"Wooden houses enable me to feel warm, safe and stable. Here, I can breathe!”


KL-trä Båstad Villa

“To me, the choice is easy. Wood gives me the opportunity to make sustainable and conscious choices for me and my family”

Skog utanför Åled i södra Halland.

Sustainability, all the way

Few things are more natural than products from the Swedish forest. We are one of Europe's largest suppliers of wood for construction and almost all of our raw material comes from our owners' forests. These forests have been managed for generations, with great care and respect for nature. In order to maintain sustainable forestry, we plant at least three new trees for each that we harvest.

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