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Wood for the inside and out

CLT används till att bygga trähus på Vallen i Växjö.
In any building project, wood offers numerous benefits that go beyond the material itself, not least helping to counteract climate change. This is why at Södra we have made it our mission to make it as safe, simple and efficient as possible to use wood in large-scale building projects.

Our construction components

In addition to our fast and easy to install elements in massive wood, we can supply all the construction timber you need, along with customised, painted and precisely cut facade cladding and more.

We also provide other components - from screws and fittings to sound insulation. All deliveries can be made directly to the construction site. Hiring fewer suppliers and ensuring a high level of assembly competence makes it easier to control the project's time and costs.

Södra Building Systems KL-träskiva CNC

Cross-laminated timber, CLT

CLT is a solid and rigid building material with high dimensional stability. Our CLT consists of PEFC/FSC®-certified raw material and is type-approved for the Swedish market. With the help of modern CNC technology, we achieve a high level of customisable precision.

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Västerängsskolan i Nybro under byggnation i KL-trä och limträ


Glulam and CLT can be advantageously used together to create strong and durable constructions. The glulam creates large spans and supports ceilings and walls, while the CLT can be used to create walls and joists. By combining glulam and CLT, constructions can be created that are both strong and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, both wood products are renewable and sustainable materials that are good for the environment.

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Fasadbilder Södra Building Systems

Facades and interior 

Facade, interior cladding and special requests. We fulfil needs upon request and meet requirements, for example, if a facade is to be used for an environmental building or if it needs to meet special fire requirements. Södra's project department has high product knowledge and extensive experience.

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The documents you need

We have certification and documentation for products and processes where necessary and compile all relevant drawings, technical data, and information that may be useful throughout the project.

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Woods from above

Sustainability, all the way

Few things are more natural than products from the Swedish forest. We are one of Europe's largest suppliers of wood for construction and almost all of our raw material comes from our owners' forests. These forests have been managed for generations, with great care and respect for nature. In order to maintain sustainable forestry, we plant at least three new trees for each that we harvest.

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