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Our service offer

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We create solutions in wood, a material with almost endless possibilities. We’re passionate about supporting the use of it wherever possible. To help, we utilise digital tools that allow us to offer precision production and long-lasting buildings. We support you throughout the whole process, from start to finish, with planning, digital sketches, installation, logistics, economics, and documentation. In a new building project, our contribution is often most valuable early in the process. So, don’t hesitate – bring us on board today!

Expert advice from the ground up

With our substantial experience in wood products, construction, building requirements, and manufacturing, we can support you from the first draft to the finished building. Together with our partners, we will make sure the project runs smoothly. Sometimes, for instance, you may need a second opinion on a matter; at which point, as an independent party, we can go through your documentation and make a thorough assessment based on our extensive experience.

In a new building project, our contribution is often most valuable early in the process. We are happy to have discussions with the developer and architect and share our knowledge about the possibilities and limitations of building with wood and suggest areas where costs can be saved with only minor changes.

Controlling assembly, time and costs
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We take responsibility for managing time and costs related to our involvement in a construction project – that is, project management and assembly of the frame. These actions will free up your resources and allow you to better focus on other parts of the project.

Calculation support for material amounts
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For large buildings, it’s not always easy to calculate the required amount of materials, such as facade cladding. Södra can help! We can provide digital calculations of quantities and lengths, as well as sketches of exactly where the parts are to be placed on the building – all of which makes the process easier for the builders.

A crystal-clear delivery plan
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Having workers on-site without any building materials available, is costly and frustrating. What’s worse is if the material arrives and no one’s there to receive it. Or maybe the wrong order arrives or the dimensions aren’t quite right. We’re fully aware that these are unnecessary obstacles that can cause a building project to fail. That’s why – for each product and delivery – we work with precision. Together with the building company, we put together a crystal-clear delivery plan. A shipment from Södra is always clearly marked, and the material is loaded in the right order according to when it will be used. And finally, it’s delivered to the site at an agreed time. Too much time and money are at stake for it to be any other way.

Fossil-fuel-free transports
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Do you want your wood products delivered with minimal environmental impact? In our business, transportation accounts for the largest amount of fossil fuel emissions. That’s why we’ve agreed on a very important goal: in 2030, all our transportation will be completely fossil-fuel-free. It’s a goal we’re already well on our way to achieving. To discuss what this will mean for your deliveries, please get in touch with us.

Installation line for safe construction
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Using massive wood for multiple-story buildings is a relatively new phenomenon, requiring new skills from construction companies. We have close relationships with companies renowned for their extensive experience in creating tall buildings using massive wood. If, however, you’re cooperating with a construction company lacking this, then our partners can support you as assembly managers to ensure the right skills are taught and applied, and that construction time and quality are maintained. 

Digital models give buildings eternal life  
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We provide digital models that show data such as the assembly scheme, building components, and materials used on a building. A tall building made of massive wood will lock in carbon dioxide throughout its lifetime. Should the land one day be repurposed, or if conditions change for some other reason, the building can be dismantled, moved, and rebuilt on another site by using the information in the digital model. This is another example of our contribution to a circular economy.

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Every day, more and more people around the globe are discovering the numerous benefits and endless possibilities of wood. Thanks to Södra's innovations and solutions, the world is realizing that choosing wood is to choose a future.

The documents you need

We have certification and documentation for products and processes where necessary and compile all relevant drawings, technical data, and information that may be useful throughout the project.

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