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Södra Building Systems Kilströmskaj Karlskrona
Building entrepreneurs need to focus on the building process. And they prefer to use a material that’s easy to work with and both easily delivered and assembled. The natural solution is wood! Wood is also a pleasant material to be around, resulting in a nicer work environment.

Wood offers advantages to both the builder and building

  • Thanks to its inherently lightweight nature, wood as a construction material is easy to handle when assembling.

  • It gives you the opportunity for fast solutions, such as when you suddenly need another opening in a wall. It´s also easily managed when putting up cabinets and the like.

  • Prefabricated wood elements favour the flexibility which shortens the time of construction.

  • The assembling itself is noise-free, which means the level of noise at the construction site is decreased. This favours entrepreneurs, workers as well as residents in the area. 

  • Since the material is light and quiet to work with workers can talk and avoid vibration injuries, and process the material with traditional tools.
Södra Building Systems Kilströmskaj Karlskrona

Strengthen your competence with our experience

Using massive timber to build multi-story houses is a relatively new concept that requires new competence from construction companies. We enjoy close relationships with well-known companies that are experienced in constructing high-rise buildings of massive timber. If you are planning on collaborating with a company that lacks this experience, our partners can support you as assembly managers to ensure competence and quality of construction.

Södra Building Systems Kilströmskaj Karlskrona

"The material is easily worked both during assembly, when things should be hung, if a wall needs to be moved or if something goes wrong."

Skog utanför Åled i södra Halland.

Sustainability, all the way

Few things are more natural than products from the Swedish forest. We are one of Europe's largest suppliers of wood for construction and almost all of our raw material comes from our owners' forests. These forests have been managed for generations, with great care and respect for nature. In order to maintain sustainable forestry, we plant at least three new trees for each that we harvest.

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