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Planning with full control

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For constructors, developers – and other decision-makers – the planning of a project is vital. Choosing wood as the material for your project unlocks great possibilities. It can save time and money and allows you to control the process from start to finish.

Wood offers great possibilities during the whole process 

  • The choice of material gives you flexibility and simplicity, which favours the architectonic work as well as creating possibilities for rethinking. Wood also brings back the traditional way of building.

  • Prefabrication of massive wood elements and adjustments to the customers’ needs contributes to simplicity when assembling on the construction site, which in turn contributes to time and resource savings.

  • Thanks to the material’s geographic proximity to our owners’ forests – and because the material’s inherently lightweight – transportations are reduced. This has a positive effect on both the climate and the construction process.

  • Logistics, deliveries and installations are planned beforehand. This way, we remain in control, which helps when delivering a cost-efficient project.

Our support ensures that you work with realistic ideas from the beginning

With our extensive experience of timber products, construction, building requirements and production, we can support you from the first draft to the finished project. Along with our partners, we will make sure that your project runs smoothly. Sometimes, for instance, you may simply need a second opinion. In those cases, we, as an independent party, can go through your documentation and make assessments based on our experience.

In a construction project, our offer is often most valuable early in the process. We’re happy to talk with constructors and architects and share our knowledge about building with wood – describing the material’s possibilities and limitations as well as identifying areas where small changes can be made to save money. Our support also ensures that you work with realistic ideas from the beginning.

Major development opportunities

Increasing market interest 

Today, the construction of multi-story houses using timber accounts for 15 per cent of the market share – and interest is growing all the time. During the last decade, the technical and environmental advantages of wood have been recognised. This has resulted in more multi-storey houses and other large construction projects being built using wood.


Constant improvements

A lot of things that can be improved to make the building process more effective. However, no other construction technique has developed as fast and timber building systems hold several advantages over other more traditional construction methods. We build efficiently without adding to the negative climate impact of the building sector.


Opened for new innovations

We’ve no doubt that massive wood will become the natural choice for constructing high-rise buildings. To meet increasing requirements, we’ve made big investments in production capacity, research, and development. We’re always open to collaborating with customers to explore new ideas and projects that can help broaden the use of and improve the functionality. 

The documents you need

We have certification and documentation for products and processes where necessary and compile all relevant drawings, technical data, and information that may be useful throughout the project.

Our documents 

Skog utanför Åled i södra Halland.

Sustainability, all the way

Few things are more natural than products from the Swedish forest. We are one of Europe's largest suppliers of wood for construction and almost all of our raw material comes from our owners' forests. These forests have been managed for generations, with great care and respect for nature. In order to maintain sustainable forestry, we plant at least three new trees for each that we harvest.

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