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A production with care and respect for the forest

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Using our extensive experience in the forestry industry, we are actively contributing to the development of a sustainable future. We produce wood products using locally sourced raw materials from our owners´ forests. We produce all of our products with great care and respect for nature.

A co-located production

To participate in the development of wood-based solutions for the building and housing industry, Södra is investing in its own production of cross laminated wood. The location in Värö is strategically chosen for its proximity to several growth regions in the Nordic region but also for over sea transport to the UK and other international markets. The production is co-located with Södra's pulp mill and sawmill for access to green electricity and finished infrastructure. It also creates good conditions for logistics and allows us to directly utilize a larger part of the value chain.

Great development potential

There is no doubt that is becoming an increasingly natural choice for creating tall buildings. In order to meet the growing demands, we see large investments in production capacity, research and development. We are always open to collaboration with customers, to explore new ideas and to drive projects that can broaden users and improve the functionality of the building systems.

Sustainability, all the way

Skog utanför Åled i södra Halland.
Forests managed in generations, with respect for nature 

Few things are more natural than products from the Swedish forest. We are one of Europe's largest suppliers of wood for construction and almost all of our raw material comes from our owners' forests. These forests have been managed for generations, with great care and respect for nature. In order to maintain sustainable forestry, we plant at least three new trees for each that we harvest.

Fossil-free transports 

Do you also want your wood products to be delivered with minimal climate impact? In our operations, transport accounts for the largest amount of fossil emissions. That is why we have agreed on a very important goal: by 2030 all our transport will be completely fossil-free. This is a goal that we are already well on our way to achieving.

We let both us and nature breathe 

Through wood construction, we simultaneously create a pleasant indoor climate for housing, not only because our products continue to store CO2 throughout its lifetime, giving both us and nature an opportunity to breathe.

To discuss what this might mean for your project, please contact us. By working together, we will make it as sustainable as possible all the way.

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