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Great Britain Building systems Our Projects Project Kilströmskaj

Kilströmskaj, where the forest meets the sea

3D-bilder i byggprojektet Kilströmskaj i Karlskrona Södra Building Systems
Multi-storey apartment buildings made from wood in the world heritage city of Karlskrona together with SBU Framtid. The three unique wooden structures are built in the middle of the Blekingska archipelago in Karlskrona using Södra's cross-laminated timber for the framework.

Wooden apartment blocks

Kilströmskaj is a project that highlights the opportunities for large-scale construction of multi-storey buildings in wood. The project consists of one six-storey and two four-storey apartment buildings, constructed during 2020.

We have supplied cross-laminated timber (CLT) that creates a stable and durable framework, comprising pre-fabricated building elements with pre-installed connection systems to contribute to faster and easier assembly.

CLT is a building material with a high load-bearing capacity relative to its weight, which contributes to fewer truck journeys between the production unit and the construction site.

3D-bilder i byggprojektet Kilströmskaj i Karlskrona Södra Building Systems
3D-bilder i byggprojektet Kilströmskaj i Karlskrona Södra Building Systems
3D-bilder i byggprojektet Kilströmskaj i Karlskrona Södra Building Systems

Follow the construction process of Kilströmskaj

Watch the timelapse

Södra Building Systems Kilströmskaj Karlskrona

Together to new heights

For us at Södra to be able to deliver solutions of the highest possible quality, we collaborate with some of the best companies in the industry.

This results in the sustainable, industrial production of cost-effective multi-storey wood buildings with high aesthetic value.

SBU Future

Wingårdhs Arkitektkontor AB | JSB Construction AB | Kai-Larsen Business Development AB

Fristad Bygg AB is involved as a specialist in the design and assembly of CLT buildings. It is a company with long and solid experience of building in CLT.

Employer branding

Swedish made for a Nordic climate

When you build with wood from Södra, you can rest assured that it is produced with great care and with respect for nature's resources. In addition, when you build in wood, you get a great living environment with a more comfortable indoor climate.

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