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Södra Grön El

Energy from the forest

When we produce sawn timber, pulp and biomaterials from the wood in our members’ forests, natural waste is created. We then take this waste and turn it into a range of energy products which we sell to customers in Sweden. This is an example of Södra's sustainable and climate-smart approach to production.

Electricity from the forest

Electricity from continuously growing forests is lighting up many homes in Sweden. By harnessing excess energy from our mills, we can generate electricity that is both locally-produced and climate-smart.

Home heating

Södra's wood pellets are produced using the excess heat from our manufacturing processes. Our pellets enable our Swedish customers to heat their homes with a high-quality product that minimises the use of Earth's finite resources.

Industrial energy

Södra also sell large volumes of wood pellets and biofuel to district heating plants and factories in Sweden. Transitioning to pellets is relatively simple for any industrial facility, and using biofuels can enable products or production processes to meet various sustainability and certification requirements.

Bioprodukter, bioproducts

Forests are fueling optimism for the future

In our ambition to not let any raw material go to waste, bioproducts are an important part of our offer. Södra’s biomethanol, tall oil and turpentine all come from the same sustainably managed forests as our pulp and wood products. It’s Swedish forest, in liquid form. 

Our bioproducts



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