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Global About Södra Organisation and management

Organisation and management

The Board of Directors appoints the President and members of the boards of its subsidiaries. The annual general meeting is Södras highest decision-making body. The meeting appoints the members of the Board of Directors.

Both owner and member

Södra is owned by about 53,000 forest owners in southern Sweden.  Södra’s members are organised into 36 forestry districts, and the opportunity for individual influence is greatest in their own forestry districts. In other contexts, issues are raised through elected representatives. Each forestry district appoints a district council of about twelve members, as well as a Nomination Committee, at the local annual meeting. The local annual meetings also appoint delegates to Södra’s Annual General Meeting.


The Södra 360 experience 

Step into the world of trees and enhance your knowledge about the Swedish forest, and its use in everyday life. Explore the Swedish forest from wherever you are and meet those who manage it responsibly. Then move into an interactive townscape and living space to discover the forest’s use and benefits in everyday life, from transportation to sustainable living. The future is made of trees.

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