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Re:sourced Crepe

Filippa K has developed a new recycled fabric made from a combination of textile waste and wood cellulose, together with OnceMore®. The collection is now available in Filippa K´s online store. The collection contains styles both for women and men and the costumer can buy an entire look containing the Re:sourced Crepe material.

Filippa K x OnceMore



Meet Jodi Everding - Vice President of Sustainability at Filippa K

We hade the opportunity to talk collaboration and sustainability with Jodi Everding. Jodi is the Vice President of Sustainabiltity at Filippa K.  

Who is Jodi Everding?

I am an American who has called Stockholm home for over 10 years. I have worked for more than 20 years in fabric research and development, and I started the fabric team at Filippa K nearly six years ago. In the past few years I have focused more on overall sustainability for the house and am currently Vice President of Sustainability.

What is a sustainable wardrobe for you?

A sustainable wardrobe is made up of pieces that you love and wear often. Using things as much as possible is key to consuming sustainably. This means having pieces that fit well and that are versatile in terms of silhouette and colour so you can mix and maximise their use. A sustainable wardrobe will have some occasion pieces that are worn less often, sure, but should not have a glut of garments that are never worn and just take up space.

When it comes to materials, why OnceMore®?

It is key for us to improve our resource efficiency. We like that OnceMore® is not only made from recycled post-consumer textiles but that it is from a Swedish innovator: Södra. It is also critical that OnceMore® is able to be used in the existing supply chain, and no additional processes are needed to displace virgin materials in this way. And finally, we are excited that OnceMore® has been able to be processed by Lenzing in a closed-loop process.

How has the collaboration between OnceMore® and Filippa K been so far?

It has been a fruitful and creative collaboration so far. We are developing a new textile using the OnceMore® pulp so that means we need a fibre producer (Lenzing) and a yarn spinner and fabric mill (Riopele) involved, as well. It has been important to bring these key stakeholders together. But we are also taking a longer term perspective with OnceMore® to collaborate further and find ways to send our textile scraps from our own garment making to them for recycling.

What do you think about the future of fashion?

The fashion industry needs to change radically. We must drastically reduce our overall production and implement circular thinking, processes, and business models. This does not mean that fashion can not be creative or inspiring – or fun! It is just to find that creativity and inspiration from using existing resources to their maximum potential.

How do you think the consumer will think in the future regarding sustainability and sustainable materials? And is it the retailers’ “job” to educate the consumer?

I have seen consumer awareness and knowledge regarding sustainable materials increase over the years – and I hope that consumers keep questioning where materials come from and how they are made. I think brands have a responsibility to communicate honestly about the materials they use and not over-simplify the sustainability credentials of these. Legislation is coming to enforce this and ensure that brands do not make claims that are misleading, but I think it’s important that consumers keep questioning brands and pushing for transparency, as well.

Do you want to read more about the game-changing collaboration between OnceMore®  and Filippa K? Read more about it in the press release.

Do you want to here more from Jodi Everding? Listen to our podcast episode 5: 

From No More to Once More: Brands and Consumers


OnceMore® based styles in Filippa K Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

Filippa K introduce the Re:sourced Crepe in their Spring/Summer 2024 collection. A new recycled fabric made from a combination of textile waste and wood cellulose, developed together with OnceMore®.

The brand has developed five summer styles as a part of the collection, women, and menswear, in this innovative fabric. The fabric used for these garments is a crepe weave, which is slightly heavier than normal crepe. Made with a a twisted yarn that gives it a nice structure.

Filippa K is the first brand introducing Re:sourced Crepe as a part of there SS24 Collection– a new recycled material made from a combination of textile waste and wood cellulose. The revolutionary pilot fibre is a product of OnceMore®, and REFIBRA™ technology from Lenzing. Portuguese textile manufacturer Riopele has taken this fibre and transformed it into the new sustainable, high performance fabric Re:sourced Crepe.

OnceMore® partnership with Filippa K’s is an ongoing collaboration and an important commitment to finding circular solutions in fashion. Bringing together the strands of the industry to progress change.

Want to know more? Updates on the collaboration with Filippa K and the upcoming styles will follow this autumn. Keep yourself updated by joining OnceMore®  on LinkedIn.


The Look (two menswear pieces in Re:sourced Crepe): A relaxed shirt and loose drawstring trousers in black Re:sourced Crepe – a brand new sustainable fibre introduced to the market by Filippa K and made in collaboration with Södra, Lenzing and Riopele. The draped textured crepe consists of post-consumer recycled textile waste blended with responsibly sourced wood pulp.

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