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People behind the pulp

Behind a sheet of Södra pulp there are 56,193 people.

Our pulp is inherently sustainable, renewable and recyclable.
But it takes a very human trait to make it all happen. It’s called pride
— and it’s shared by 53,128 members and 3,065 employees.

People behind the pulp

Huyen Lyckeskog
Process Engineer

My job is to help develop and improve our recycling and wastewater treatment plants. My job is to help develop and improve our recycling and wastewater treatment plants. Put simply, we try to recover as many by-products as possible from the pulp cooking process and improve their quality. For instance, extractives such as turpentine, tall oil and methanol are separated as bioproducts, lignin is burned to provide a necessary energy supplement for the entire mill, and cooking chemicals are recycled to the cooking process. We also purify wastewater from the process before it is released back into the environment.

I have a doctorate in forest products specializing in pulp technology. After completing my studies at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, I stayed on doing research for a few years. But eventually the lab environment got a bit boring, and I wanted to challenge myself with practical work instead of just theory. So, I started working at Södra in 2021 and now I get to apply my knowledge and experience in a large-scale industry, which is very rewarding. I really enjoy getting all this experience and I feel like I belong here.

People behind the pulp Huyen Lyckeskog Process Engineer

"I’m really happy with my job...I continuously gain new skills."


I’m really happy with my job and I want to continue working as a process engineer. I continuously gain new skills. The assignments are interesting, and I have friendly, helpful colleagues. We all have different skills that we can combine to better understand the whole process. Södra is also very good at putting employee safety first, which is very important to me.

People behind the pulp

Pulp and all its possibilities

In the Pulp section of this website, you can learn more about the many sustainable solutions and products that our pulp makes possible. With state-of-the-art manufacturing and focus on innovation, we produce a wide range of paper pulp, along with dissolving pulp and OnceMore®, our unique product for large-scale textile recycling.

Read more about our pulp



Contact us

Paper pulp

Jens Hallendorff
Head of Sales Paper Pulp Global
Phone: +46 72 23 51 029

Maria Staxhammar
Sales Director, Nordic countries and UK
Phone: +46 70 25 64 546

Tristan Peil
Sales Director
Phone: +49 17 09 61 10 07

Martin Chovan
Sales Director
Phone: +49 16 02 01 32 98

Alexandra Pisano
Sales Director
Phone: +46 72 223 05 73

Benjamin Brück
Head of Business Development
Phone: +49 17 08 11 378 5

Dag Benestad
Sales Director, China and Indonesia
Phone: +47 92 03 071 5

Oliver Söder
Sales Director, Germany and Austria
Phone: +49 89 89 06 761 00

Hågen Rismark
Sales Director, Non-European markets
Phone: +47 90 10 17 80

Dissolving pulp

Johannes Bogren
Vice President, Södra Bioproducts
Phone: +46 340 63 34 15

Dag Benestad
Sales Director, Dissolving pulp
Phone: +47 92 03 071 5

Catharina Fechter
Technical Product Manager
Phone: +46 70 66 55 795

Technical Product Manager

Ann Nilsson
Technical product manager, Speciality paper
Phone: +46 70 35 84 498

Peter Carlsson
Technical Product Manager, Tissue
Phone: +46 70 385 0841

Pär Andersson
Technical product manager, Printing paper, Board products
Phone: + 46 70 58 82 143


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