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Ingredient Brand


What is an Ingredient Brand?

As an Ingredient Brand OnceMore® is adding value and extra flavour to the final product. Making your product unique and exclusive. And when using 100% OnceMore® raw material you make it circular!

How can OnceMore® help?

OnceMore® is committed to support brands and partners to add traceability, transparency and knowledge. Brands and partners can use marketing material from OnceMore® to inform and educate customers and consumers of this important work toward circularity. We are proud over the partners we have today and are impressed over how far they have come. 

A system without loose ends.

We want to create more sustainable closets. The value chain of the fashion and textile industries has traditionally been linear. It starts with raw materials and ends with waste, which most often ends up in a landfill.

We want clothes to fill closets, not landfills. That’s the reason we work with OnceMore® – a textile raw material made from what was once textile waste. Garments made from OnceMore® material are made to be  recyclable. Meaning that even when your favorite pieces are worn beyond repair, they won’t end up adding to the problem.

OnceMore® uses large volumes of recycled polycotton blends. The finished dissolving pulp contains proportions of recycled textiles ready to become a textile once more.

The uniqueness of OnceMore®

The proportion of recycled textiles in the OnceMore® pulp opens up new possibilities for clothing manufacturers and brand owners to certify their end products according to standards such as RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) – where the levels of recycled materials are crucial. Södra received its certification according to the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) on 24th of June 2020. Certified by Control Union, CU 1059293.

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“It is key for us to improve our resource efficiency. We like that OnceMore® is not only made from recycled post-consumer textiles but that it is from a Swedish innovator: Södra. It is also critical that OnceMore® is able to be used in the existing supply chain, and no additional processes are needed to displace virgin materials in this way. And finally, we are excited that OnceMore® has been able to be processed by Lenzing in a closed-loop process”. ​ ​ /Jodi Everding, Vice President Sustainability



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“We are proud of our collaboration with Södra and the opportunity of now offering garments of recycled materials at a much larger scale. Together we can create a new circular system for materials where worn-out textiles is now becoming a valuable new resource” ​ ​
/Annette Tenstam, Strategic Lead Circularity & Environmental Sustainabilit

Long-term value

Södra is making major investments in OnceMore®, both in the expansion of the production and in the development of the process. The work will continue during the foreseeable future and the goal is to eventually be able to recycle higher volumes and more types of textiles.  

For customers, as well as the fashion industry and end consumers, the value of innovations such as OnceMore® by Södra and a circular textile industry will increase in the coming years. Pressure from new laws and guidelines on producer responsibility, certification and sorting will no doubt accelerate this development.

With our experience from decades of work with renewable and traceable raw materials and our highly efficient logistics flows, Södra has the opportunity to make OnceMore® a long-term solution to the global problem of textile waste.

Collaboration is key

Collaboration is a crucial requirement for maximising the sustainability benefits of the OnceMore® process. Cooperative partnerships must be formed with many different stakeholders throughout all levels of the value chain. Building up such a network of connections is challenging, but considering the mutually beneficial nature of these partnerships, we are convinced that it is possible.


Let's kick the habit of waste!

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