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The textile waste


Textilies deserves better than the trash

With OnceMore®, Södra is making an important contribution in the shift towards a sustainable textile industry. Instead of increasing to landfills, our partners supply us with their blended-fiber textile waste. The textile waste we use is traceable, secured over several years, and consistent – to ensure that we have a reliable product for the long term. Today we only use RCS certified post consumer textile waste.

What type of textile waste do you accept?

Fibre content to be minimum 70% cotton by weight and maximum 30% polyester, in a total batch, however up to 50% polyester is accepted in individual garments. No other fibers may be included in the textile parts such as fabric, thread, and labelling, but excludes accessories such as buttons, and zips.

Color: Only white/off-white are accepted. Dyed textile may be accepted after trials.

Prints: Pigment prints on less than 5% of the surface are accepted. Reactive dye prints are accepted after trials. Heat seal transfer prints that adhere to the fabric surface are not acceptable.

Elastane is not acceptable and also no other synthetic fibers such as nylon, polyamide, polypropylene are accepted.

Interfacing should be cotton voile or cellulose where possible, polyester based interfacing will need to fall within the 30% non-cotton content. No glue is accepted.

Cellulose fibres (mainly lyocell and viscose) are accepted in max 5 % of the total percentage of a batch, but the percentage in individual garments may be higher. See our material specification below.


But we can't do this alone

Collaboration is the key to maximising the potential of OnceMore®. We are therefore always interested in finding partners who can supply us with high volumes of textile waste for recycling. OnceMore® are looking for and setting up long term partnerships with companies that are ready to export textiles waste to the OnceMore®- recycling facility in Sweden. We do not except overstock and unsold goods.

OnceMore® is looking for cotton and polycotton materials. Minimum 70% cotton. Blended colours and prints are interesting as well (pigment- and reactive dyes) and the material can both be woven and knitted. The minimum amount in one delivery is one container (approx. 25 tons).

Today our partners in textile recycling are:

LSJH - A Finnish municipal waste management company who are focusing on finding circulatory solutions for all household textile waste in Finland.

Frankenhuis - Partner in textile recycling located in the Netherlands.

Rester - A Finnish company that enables the recovery of business textiles into new fiber and high quality raw material.

TSA together with Salvation Army - sorters and fiberstort (3rd party selution) in UK.  

And we also have a collaboration with hotell PM & Vänner .

As a supplier to OnceMore®, your company becomes part of a long-term solution to the global environmental threat posed by the ever-growing mountains of textile waste.

What type of textile waste do you accept?
  • Textile waste that would have otherwise gone to landfill (scraps, material beyond reuse and repair), the waste hierarchy is followed and respected.
  • Post-consumer or post-industrial
Any restrictions on textile waste you accept?
  • We will not accept overproduction / non used clothes.
Which fiber composition is used?
  • We can currently accept Cotton, Cotton/Polyester. Min qty of cotton should be 70% in total. Elastane and nylon are the biggest problem right now.
  • We can’t even accept 2-3%. “Traces of..” is the highest amount accepted.
  • Both woven and knitted textiles are ok
Which colours?
  • We will always need white, so this is always interesting.
  • Colours can be ok depending on which colouring technique being used. VAT dyes (usually used in industrial laundries) are not ok. Pigment and reactive dyes, for example, are normally ok. We need to test! Denim is not ok since Indigo is a VAT dye.
  • Prints with the same colouring tech as above are ok. But we need to test!
Minimum quantity?
  • We always need full truck loads. 33 or 66 pallets and then 2-3 bales stacked on top of each other. Or a 40’ container.
  • We need regular deliveries.
Do you need to pre-test every single new supplier?
  • Yes, we are still developing the process and we strive to make recycled pulp quality as good as conventional pulp so our quality criteria must be fulfilled to ensure to our customers the highest standard.
Do you have any textiles you prefer?
  • Homogeneous and never out of stock collections are particularly suitable.

Let's kick the habit of waste!

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