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Brand Partnerships

Collaboration throughout the value chain - is an important part of OnceMore®. And when choosing our partners both suppliers and brands we always look at their sustainability promise. At OnceMore® we enable a circular textile system, by reimagining textile waste and closing the loop. Here are a few of our latest collaborations where you can find our OnceMore® based products.

OnceMore® is creating history together with the global fashion group BESTSELLER.

BESTSELLER was the first clothing range to brand with OnceMore®.

The range comprises men’s summer shirts under the JACK & JONES brand and is available for online purchase in 19 markets. Founded in Denmark in 1990, JACK & JONES has grown to be the biggest brand within the BESTSELLER group, selling its collections in more than eight hundred stores, online and through thousands of wholesale partners internationally.

“Last year, JACK & JONES had the pleasure of being the first brand ever to launch a OnceMore® labelled garment with Södra. In view of the great success, we’re happy to now launch a second shirt while simultaneously working on several additional product launches in other categories such as knit. With OnceMore®, we’re not only creating innovative products made with certified man-made cellulosic fibres. We also drive forward the process of recycling end-of-use textiles and thereby increase the value of the resources.” says Elena Osenbrüg JACK & JONES Buing & Designs / Sustainability Responsible

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The collaboration between OnceMore® and Lindex - now in stores.

Hundreds of OnceMore® based garments is now available in the European fashion brand Lindex stores around the world. Today, only a fraction of all textiles produced are recycled. OnceMore® is the world’s first large-scale process for recycling blended fabrics.

The process combines post-consumer textile waste with Södra’s responsible managed forests to produce high-quality textile pulp. This way OnceMore® is closing the loop and enable a circular fashion industry throughout the value chain.

In 2022 the major cooperation with Lindex and the plan to produce one million garments made from this game changing material was announced. The result from this groundbreaking collaboration between OnceMore® from Södra and the global fashion company Lindex is now available in Lindex stores and on lindex.com. With this we are now stepping into a new era of doing fashion. What may sound like rocket science really is a collaboration between great minds and great companies, with common aim on a brighter future. This is an important step into the future of fashion. 

We are proud of our collaboration with Södra and the opportunity of now offering garments of recycled materials at a much larger scale. Together we can create a new circular system for materials where worn-out textiles is now becoming a valuable new resource’, says Annette Tenstam, Strategic Lead Circularity & Environmental Sustainability, at Lindex. "

About Lindex

Lindex is one of Europe’s leading fashion companies, with approximately 440 stores in 18 markets and online sales worldwide through third-party partnerships. Lindex offers inspiring and affordable fashion, and the assortment includes several different concepts within womenswear, kidswear, lingerie and cosmetics. Lindex is growing through its own channels as well as global fashion platforms. Lindex’s higher purpose is to empower and inspire women everywhere, and Lindex’s sustainability promise is to make a difference for future

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About supplier code and Reclaimed Material Declaration Form

To ensure  Södra's supply chain for sustainable pulp from producer to end consumer we must include a commitment from you our supplier. Our Supplier Code contains guidelines on the obligations and responsibilities for Södra's suppliers. The code addresses our business principles, working conditions, respect for human rights and the environment.

All information about the supplier code can be found at  www.sodra.com/supplier-code

When you have read and the information about our supplier code tick the checkbox in the form above.

Our Reclaimed Material Declaration Form is a document that you download here. Please check the list below: 

Reclaimed textiles:
Södra is interested textiles that would have otherwise been disposed of as waste or used for energy recovery. The reclaimed textiles could either be pre-consumer or post-consumer. 

  • Pre-Consumer textiles are textiles diverted from the waste stream during the manufacturing process.
  • Post-Consumer textiles are textiles generated by households or by commercial, industrial and institutional facilities in their role as end-users of the product that can no longer be used for its intended purpose.

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