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Pulp & sustainability 

Sustainability is at the heart of our operations, from seed to finished product. Everything we produce originates from the exceptional, renewable resource that is the forest. As a cooperative of 53,000 forest owners in southern Sweden, we know exactly where our wood comes from, because our members own it. 


All the wood we use is traceable and all the pulps in our broad product portfolio are available as PEFC™ or FSC® certified.

Certified volumes

Here you can find out the precise volume of certified pulp in your delivery.

Sustainability documents

A comprehensive list of documents and policies regarding Södra's commitment to sustainability.

Environmental data

Here you’ll find detailed data on our process emissions, energy, waste, transport and raw materials.

Carbon footprint

We have calculated our carbon footprint for each of our pulps – use our data to help calculate yours.

Origin of wood

Our Origin of wood raw material service makes it easy to track the chain of custody for your pulp.

People behind the pulp, Göran Lindell
“We live on our forest farm and deliver different types of timber to Södra. Our forest inspector ensures that the mills receive the right wood at the right time. As a Södra member, it’s a great feeling to own the production process, from plant to finished product.”
Göran Lindell
Member of Södra
Reportage Emåns Ekomuseum

Quick facts about Södra

  • 53.000 Forest owners in southern Sweden 

  • 20% Higher annual growth rate for Södra’s forests by 2050 compared with 2015. 

  • 3 New trees planted for each one we harvest 

  • 2030 Target date to be totally fossil-fuel free

Södra Cell Mönsterås pappersband

Sustainability subscription

Södra's Sustainability subscription service allows customers to receive email updates on the latest sustainability figures for all the pulps they have purchased in the last year.

More about our Sustainability subscription

Fotografering av Jenny och Nina Generationsbilder Medlemmar

About our members

Many of our members are sixth or seventh-generation foresters who regard themselves as custodians of their estates, nurturing them to pass on to the next generation. We are fully committed to sustainable forestry and sustainable forest management.

Get to know our members

KL-trä Båstad Villa

From forest to end product

From the forest to the end product, we are careful to control every step of our processes to ensure minimal environmental impact. We minimise water consumption, our mills’ efficient energy systems deliver electricity, district heating and biofuel to their local municipalities, and in 2020, we started up the world’s first commercial biomethanol plant.

Choose fibre

KL-trä Båstad Villa

The forest products industry 

The forest products industry is important for the global transition to a sustainable bioeconomy and we can now deliver more sustainable products than ever before. From clothing and smart food packaging to filters and vehicle fuels, our journey to find more sustainable solutions for the future has only just begun. 

Skog på hösten

Contact us

We take a holistic view of our forestry advisory services, our industrial processes and our relations with customers and suppliers. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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