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Dissolving pulp products

Our products have different properties to meet a wide variety of requirements, but they all have one thing in common: all are made from wood from our members’ sustainably managed forests in southern Sweden.

World class production

Our dissolving pulp is made primarily from Swedish birch at our pulp mill in Mörrum. We have gained a reputation in the market for being a sustainable, innovative and specialized producer of premium qualities, including a new grade, Purple F, for filament.

Pulp & sustainability

Sustainability permeates everything we do at Södra, from nurturing seeds to delivering pulp. Our unique structure gives us an inherent sustainability advantage: Södra is comprised of roughly 53,000 private forest owners who are custodians of their forests for the future.

KL-trä Båstad Villa

Dissolving pulp end uses

Dissolving pulp is primarily used in the textile industry to produce viscose and lyocell, but it has many other applications as well, such as the production of cellophane and sponge cloths, for example. 

Dissolving pulp end uses


Our dissolving process

This where your clothes are growing. We produce our dissolving pulp from hardwood trees which are grown specifically for us by our members. The process from seedling to shirt is fairly long. So let us tell you the story about when a seedling become a shirt. 

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OnceMore®: It’s time to wake up

Millions of tonnes of textile waste are created every year, but almost none is recycled. Global demand for a sustainable textile industry is high, but no realistic or long-term solutions have been discovered. Until now. OnceMore® is the world’s first process for industrial-scale recycling of textile waste, and it’s the forest who makes that possible.


Dag Benestad

Contact us

It is important that you as our customer can easily get in touch with us at Södra. No matter what product or product category you are interested in, we have qualified teams who manage different functions to whom you can address inquiries of any kind.

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