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The Process

OnceMore® is the world’s first large-scale process for recycling blended fabrics, and it’s the forest that makes it all possible. The process combines post-consumer textile waste with renewable wood from Södras 52,000 members.

The wood in OnceMore® pulp originates directly from our members' sustainably-managed forests. Today, Södra represents 52,000 forest owners—families who own estates in southern Sweden. For every tree harvested, Södra plants three new ones. 

Rather than adding to landfill, we collaborate with valued partners who provide us with blended-fiber textile waste. Through long-term agreements, we ensure traceability and consistent quality. By using post-consumer textile waste, we proactively reduce the environmental impact and pioneer a greener path forward.

After collecting textiles from suppliers, we revive the fibers by combining them with renewable wood cellulose from our sustainably-managed forests. This results in OnceMore® pulp, a game-changer that enables producers to create circular products, closing the loop and reducing waste. It is an industrialized solution that is commercially available at scale. 

Our collaborators can access OnceMore® through our partnership with viscose and lyocell producers. Whether it’s transformed into viscose staple fibers or filament, the OnceMore® dissolving pulp offers endless possibilities for viscose and lyocell textiles, making sustainable choices a reality.

Let´s kick the habit of textile waste!

The Mill

OnceMore® is produced at our Mill in Mörrum in the southern part of Sweden. We are the first and only supplier to transform post-consumer textile waste enriched with sustainably managed wood into virgin-quality pulp on an industrial scale. The Wood is FSC and/or PEFC-certified and the textile is RCS certified. Based on our unique technology, OnceMore® provides drop-in products that are easy-to-implement in existing production of our partners.

The Pulp

Our OnceMore® pulp and the product we deliver is a high alpha cellulose pulp for textile applications. Today our product contains 20% recycled textile and 80% renewable wood. The result is a high quality dissolving pulp that is used by the textile industry to produce viscose and lyocell.


Let's kick the habit of waste!

Do you want to be a part of creating a positive impact, for generations to come? Get in touch with us simply by filling out the form below. Talk to you soon!

About supplier code and Reclaimed Material Declaration Form

To ensure  Södra's supply chain for sustainable pulp from producer to end consumer we must include a commitment from you our supplier. Our Supplier Code contains guidelines on the obligations and responsibilities for Södra's suppliers. The code addresses our business principles, working conditions, respect for human rights and the environment.

All information about the supplier code can be found at  www.sodra.com/supplier-code

When you have read and the information about our supplier code tick the checkbox in the form above.

Our Reclaimed Material Declaration Form is a document that you download here. Please check the list below: 

Reclaimed textiles:
Södra is interested textiles that would have otherwise been disposed of as waste or used for energy recovery. The reclaimed textiles could either be pre-consumer or post-consumer. 

  • Pre-Consumer textiles are textiles diverted from the waste stream during the manufacturing process.
  • Post-Consumer textiles are textiles generated by households or by commercial, industrial and institutional facilities in their role as end-users of the product that can no longer be used for its intended purpose.

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Åsa Degerman
Project Leader
Phone: +46 703 87 03 42

Angeline Elfström
Business Development Manager
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Tina Lemke
Marketing & Brand Experience Manager
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Åsa Alvhage
Sourcing Manager
Phone: +46 730 78 00 61

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