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Four year anniversary


October 28th 2019, we annonced OnceMore to the world.
What has happened since the day our first press release got published?
We have asked around in the team. 

When you look back four years from now – what are your thoughts about the expectations we had then and where we are today?


Anna Palme

It has been a wild ride, I could never have guessed that we would have come so far in just four years. In a project as this, where nothing is business as usual I’m constantly surprised about what is hard and what is easy. Some of the topics I thought would be the most challenging solved very easily and the opposite. Most of all I’m so happy about working with all the dedicated people in the OnceMore® Team, Anna Palme, Specialist Cellulose Technology.

Johannes Bogren Vice President Södra Bioproducts

When we did the first trials, run the first mill trial and prepared the first public communication I couldn’t imagine the turnout. A few years later we are a great team that have invested and are producing commercial volumes, you find OnceMore branded garments in stores and Södra and OnceMore is now a part of the fashion industry, Johannes Bogren Vice President Södra Cell Bioproducts.

Angeline Elfström Business Development Manager

It has been an exciting time both for the company, the project and for me personally. When we launched OnceMore as an Ingredient Brand, the ambition was to be able to walk into a store and look at the hangtag and find garments that is produced from our pulp. We reached that in june 2022 with JACK&JONES and it was a milestone for all of us. We are on a journey and I am sure that we have a very exciting time ahead of us too, Angeline Elfström, Business Development Manager.

Ida Fager Stark Communication Manager

I started working with OnceMore almost six months after the launch in 2019. Back then we dreamed about that day when we could walk in a store and buy a garment with a OnceMore tag. Today we have over a million garments with a OnceMore tag. For me that’s big! I’m so proud to be part of this, both building a new brand from the ground and for being a part of something that I truly believe will make a change, Ida Fager Stark Communication Manager. 

The expectations in the beginning were that we had an idea and a solution we thought would work. But we have encountered some challenges. So the expectation at the time was that it would be a fairly straight path to the goal, but that there turned out to be a few more turns and stops along the way. But the goal is always on the horizon. That is what makes it so exciting to be part of this journey and to be part of making history, Samuel Kristiansen Process Engineer at OnceMore

2016 - The Idea was born

The OnceMore idea was born.

2018 - The first lab tests

We did the first lab tests in grammage scale.  

2019 - The launch

We did the very first test in Södra Cell Mörrum, just 500 kg.

A large test was done, 19 tonnes, where we mixed 3% textile waste with the ordinary dissolving pulp. The test was succeeded with good quality and the first volumes of OnceMore pulp were sold on the market. 

We launched OnceMore. 28th of October, the first press release went public. 

2020 - 20% textile waste

The first part of the production line was commissioned with a capacity of 300 tonnes of textile waste. In June we also made the first delivery of OnceMore pulp from the new production line. 
Första leveransen av OnceMore Södra Cell Mörrum


OnceMore were the winner of Encouragement for Action “Closing the loop”

Now we were able to mix 20% textile waste with our ordinary dissolving pulp. 
Read the press release: OnceMore® hits new milestone: 20% recycled content (sodra.com)

2021 - Join forces with Lenzing

Södra join forces with Lenzing regarding textile recycling.
Read the press release:
Two champions of post-consumer textile recycling joining forces (sodra.com)

2022 - The collab-year!

We made a successful try to mix 50% of textile waste with our ordinary dissolving pulp. 

OnceMore got a new outfit – we launched our new graphical design. 

JACK &JONES were the first brand with OnceMore clothes in store.
Read the press release: First time OnceMore labelled garment hits the store – BESTSELLER takes the fashion lead (sodra.com)

Lindex was the first brand with a large amount of OnceMore clothes in store. During 2023 they have had one million OnceMore garments in their stores and online. 
Read the press release: Södra in major collaboration with Lindex – will produce one million garments based on OnceMore® (sodra.com)

The second part of the production line was commissioned with a capacity to handle  2 000 tonnes of textile waste per year. 


The launch of a collaboration with Filippa K, Lenzing and Riopele went public. A collaboration throughout the entire value chain and a world first for lyocell. 
Read the press release: OnceMore® in collaboration with Filippa K to premiere game-changing recycled material (sodra.com)

Together with Lenzing, we received EU funding, LIFE TREATS (Textile Recycling in Europe AT Scale), of 10 million EURO to scale up the OnceMore® process.  
Read the press release: Biggest ever EU LIFE textile funding to the recycling system OnceMore® (sodra.com)

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