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Global Pulp News Power to the mills – and the people!

Power to the mills – and the people!

Södra El. Energi. Bild från Södra Els erbjudande till medlemmar och anställda. Frukost i skogen. Frukostbord. Taklampa. Mjölkpaket. Stol. Pall. Barn. Apelsiner. Apelsinpress. Kaffebryggare. Mossa.Trädstam. Korg. Frukostflingor. Morgonrock. Nattlinne.

Surplus green energy is one of the additional benefits of our processes that we’re most proud of. In 2023, the total green electricity surplus produced by Södra’s mills was enough to meet the household electricity needs of just over 75,000 single-family homes for a year, or one year's average driving for just over 190,000 electric cars.

We produced 1,885 GWh of electricity in our operations last year, which corresponds to just over 120 percent of the Group's annual electricity needs. This resulted in a surplus of 432 GWh, which was distributed on the local grid and supported the electricity supply in areas close to our operations. 

"We are facing a rapidly-increasing demand for electricity in society and with new and changed electricity use patterns, we are pleased to be able to contribute so much green electricity. It’s an added value from our industrial production and the forest raw material from family forestry. The fact we generate our own power plays an important role in the stability of Södra's own operations, but the surplus means green electricity for the grid," said Johannes Bogren, Vice President of Bioproducts at Södra.

A large part of Södra's total electricity production comes from the three pulp mills, mainly by taking advantage of the energy contained in the black liquor, which thus makes even more use of the tree. The energy produces steam that drives turbines, which in turn generate electricity. It’s an important part of our own electricity supply, but through energy-efficiency improvements and investments, we produce more electricity than we consume.

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