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Global Pulp OnceMore® News OnceMore® joins the Circular Textiles Foundation

Södra with OnceMore® joins the Circular Textiles Foundation

Södra has joined the Circular Textiles Foundation (CTF) to support OnceMore® from Södra, the world’s first large-scale process for recycling blended fabrics. The OnceMore® process combines post-consumer textile waste with Södra’s pulp from responsibly-managed forests to produce high-quality textile pulp which can then close the loop and be used in the fashion industry.

The CTF guides brands to ensure that their clothing and textiles are designed with recyclability in mind and have an end-of-life solution with fibre recyclers. The CTF certification mark and QR code are applied to garments and products to ensure that they reach the appropriate fibre recycling system.

  • Through the partnership, Södra and the CTF will be able to:
  • Guide more brands to design for recyclability
  • Tackle a wider range of design challenges facing brands to make clothing recyclable
  • Promote OnceMore’s work in circularity Support the advancement of fibre recycling systems to operate at scale

“Joining forces with recyclers like Södra, and having a strong network of recyclers together on our platform is absolutely key to propelling this industry towards circularity,” said Tim Cross, Founder of the CTF.

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