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Global Pulp News Foreword: Why collaboration counts

Foreword: Why collaboration counts

We know that climate change mitigation is urgent but difficult. We understand that ambitious Science-Based Targets for the future require direct as well as strategic long-term action, because there is no time to waste. At Södra we want to be part of the drive to reduce not only our own carbon footprint, but that of others too.

Agata Andersson

Just as you, our customers, demand more of us, so we are also demanding more of our suppliers through an updated Supplier code when it comes to sustainable procurement. Actions for a meaningful reduction in our environmental impact need to be embraced across the entire value chain.

It's why we are driving for collaboration. Our Conscious Delivery initiative is one example of how we can work together in the value chain for a significant impact. It means we work with our customers and suppliers to minimize the carbon emissions from a specific pulp delivery. Because this depends on the partners in the logistics chain and the route being operated, this is not always possible.   When facing these different challenges we use a mass balance approach. Mass Balance is not new as a concept, but it is relatively new to pulp shipments, and represents a new way of working collaboratively.

This is not a question of funding a journey that would have been fossil-free anyway, but a way to increase the biofuel use in a suppliers’ network, even if we do not have that option on a specific route ourselves. Via an authenticated and verified bookkeeping by a third party (which is key), we are increasing biofuel use and claiming the corresponding emissions. The concept is positive and we are keen to see it rolled out.

Before joining Södra I worked at an environmental research institute and before that as an environmental consultant. Working in different industries in different areas of sustainability, I’ve been fortunate to gain a broad picture. Moving into forest products, it’s been easy to see the inherent environmental advantage of a sector which is built on a renewable, sustainable raw material. The need to act is also an opportunity: If we can make a difference, why wouldn’t we?

Agata Andersson, Project Manager


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