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Global Pulp News The results are in and it’s good news!

The results are in and it’s good news!

We have just finished assimilating the results of our latest customer survey, and we’re delighted to announce that they’re the best Södra Cell has ever had. We undertake these surveys approximately every two years and find them invaluable for understanding what our customers are thinking – about the market, about the future, and of course, about us.

This year, some 15 customers were invited to provide feedback during in-depth interviews on various aspects of our business, from market trends and service to innovation, Pulp+ and product range. Angeline Elfström, Customer Relations Manager and Customer Survey Project Leader: “We really appreciate the time our customers took to participate in this, because it is the best way for us to understand how to improve what we do. Surveys such as this one help us track and measure customer satisfaction and they enhance our understanding of what our customers might need and expect in the future.”

The consulting and research firm, Opticom, conducted face-to-face interviews in May/June. We received the results in September, and we’ve been following up since then with internal workshops involving our management team, sales directors, Technical Product Managers and employees from communication, sustainability and IT.

Henrik Wettergren, Vice President of Södra Cell International, adds: “While we were extremely pleased with the feedback overall, there are always areas for improvement. We’re looking at a variety of actions for the future as a direct result of this feedback, including improving our service offering, pulp+, looking at ways to maximize the sustainability profile of our customers, introducing new digital solutions for tracking shipments more efficiently and further strengthening our product portfolio.”

Of course, feedback is welcome all year round, not just during a survey – we welcome your opinions at any time so do get in touch via your local sales representative or Technical Product Manager.





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