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Act of a hero

Our definition of a hero – anyone who consciously makes sustainable choices. Thank you for choosing products from sustainable forestry.


Paper and textiles from pulp

We offer a broad spectrum of fibre-based pulp products. From a particular combination of strength and softness for tissue to a dissolving pulp of exceptional purity for viscose staple fibre, whatever your needs, we can meet them.


Pulp+ for customers

How can we add value to your business? By improving your process efficiency? Perhaps a joint communication initiative to target your customers? Or maybe use our sustainability credentials to your advantage?


Pulp: The natural choice

Sustainability permeates all Södra’s operations, from seed to finished product. Our unique structure gives us an inherent advantage when it comes to sustainability: Södra comprises around 52,000 private forest owners who are custodians of their forests for the future.



Sales team

It is important that you as our customer can easily get in touch with us at Södra. No matter what product or product category you are interested in, we have qualified teams who manage different functions to whom you can address inquiries of any kind.