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Global Pulp OnceMore® News Loud and clear: The OnceMore® white paper

Loud and clear: The OnceMore® white paper


To raise awareness of the issues surrounding a more circular fashion model, and to spread the message that Södra’s CEO Lotta Lyrå presented at COP 26, earlier this month, Södra published a white paper on OnceMore®. It explains the challenge, the solution and the way forward for circular fashion.

Executive summary: 

The paper lays bare some most unfashionable numbers: more than 100 million tpy of textiles are produced, almost all from virgin material and most fossil-based. Less than 1 percent of fashion is recycled, most is dumped or incinerated.

How can OnceMore® make a difference? By combining wood with used textiles, we get a dissolving pulp to make new textiles. It means we use post-consumer waste which normally end up in landfill or incinerated. Textiles can finally enter the circular bioeconomy, sustainably and at scale.

We know the brands love the idea and they want change now. But with little production in-house, they depend on others to make it happen and we cannot do it alone. OnceMore® is a solution, but not in isolation. The entire lifespan of textiles needs to be disrupted – from production to consumer.

We need clear extended producer responsibility for textiles and additional policy instruments and initiatives too – political, sector-wide and cross-sector, as well as consumer-driven. The goal must be to reduce the inflow of new, unsustainable fibre in textile supply chains.

To understand the complexities and the potential for shifting fashion to a more circular future, click here and read the white paper in full.

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