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Global Pulp News Here’s another initiative to increase circularity

Here’s another initiative to increase circularity

Bark mulch

Public parks and housing developments are the latest beneficiaries of Södra’s determination to use 100 percent of the tree and achieve circularity wherever possible.

Tove Möller
Tove Möller, Marketing Manager at Södra Bioproducts

Before the debarking process, pulpwood is washed creating a residue. At Värö and Mörrum, Södra has helped transform this into a valuable side stream in collaboration with the haulage company Tord Nilsson and Hasselfors Gardens.

This side stream contains a high proportion of bark which is dried on site at the pulp mills. It is then collected by Tord Nilsson to be mixed with other materials at various sites in the south of Sweden before delivery of the finished product to Hasselfors Gardens’ corporate and municipal customers for landscaping large projects, including public parks and housing developments. The so-called bark gravel from Södra helps reduce peat content while maintaining the important humus content in Hasselfors’ soils.

“You can do a lot as an individual company, but you can do even more if you combine resources, skills and knowledge,” says Tove Möller, Marketing Manager at Södra Bioproducts. “Collaboration and partnership demonstrate that small efforts, when combined, can make a big difference for our planet by helping to reduce waste and increase circularity.”





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