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Global Pulp News Actions speak louder than words: Conscious Delivery

Actions speak louder than words: Conscious Delivery

Kampanjbild Conscious delivery

London Pulp Week was as busy as ever, and the perfect place to gauge customer reaction to our Conscious Delivery initiative. As Henrik Wettergren, Vice President of Södra Cell International explains, we believe that the most effective solutions for driving fossil fuels out of the value chain will be those we work on together.

Henrik Wettergren Vice President Södra Cell International
Henrik Wettergren, Vice President Södra Cell International

“Our Conscious Delivery offer seeks to work with customers on a tailor-made basis to see how we can minimise the carbon footprint of their pulp deliveries,” explains Wettergren. “We work together to examine individual freight routes and see what changes can be made and where. This could involve moving to inter-modal routes, for example, using trucks powered only by biodiesel, or extending the percentage of the journey using our own chartered vessels run on fossil-free fuel.

“The response to the initiative has been overwhelmingly positive and we are now in detailed discussion with several major customers with a view to having Conscious Delivery in place for them, perhaps as early as January. The concept is also being rolled out to other divisions within Södra, including wood and district heating: We believe in this.

“We are committed to the Science Based Targets initiative as are many of our customers, but none of us can achieve our goals alone. We cannot solve the climate crisis in one fell swoop sadly, but one step at a time in the right direction is a good start. It might not be possible to reach net zero overnight but little by little we can make a difference. Our scope 1 and 2 emissions are scope 3 emissions for our customers, so initiatives such as this one will benefit us all, not least the environment. And with many of us having set targets to reduce carbon footprint by as early as 2025, there really is no time to lose.”

Conscious delivery

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