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Global Pulp News A year in the life of our forests

A year in the life of our forests

Marie Larsson röjer i sin skog.

We continue to bring you a snapshot of life in a typical forest estate owned by one of our 52,000 members. Jonas Larsson is our guide through the year. Managing Director of Södra Cell GmbH and Senior Advisor Forestry, he has been a Södra member for eight years with a plot of 20 hectares, just under half the size of an average Södra forest estate. His wife Marie previously owned a Södra forest that was in the family for four generations, now managed by her brother.


Carrying on the job we started last month, we’re working practically when doing thinning, to ensure we have the best conditions, not just for our trees but for the biodiversity in our water reserves to thrive. Water is increasingly in the spotlight, even in Sweden where access to and abundance of water has never been an issue. We know that water is not only essential to production but also various ecosystems, so we are keen to look after this precious asset on our land.

We take extra care, for example, to ensure that we leave plenty of trees and shrubs close to streams, ponds and lakes to help create more stable temperatures for aquatic biodiversity. If exposed to full sunlight, water can heat up rapidly on hot days then cool down quickly at night, which is not ideal, especially for fauna. The zones near open water are valuable also for land living fauna such as birds, insects and bats. We can improve living conditions also by placing birdhouses along water ways. 

Marie Larsson röjer i sin skog.
My wife Marie concentrates on the area around this water source to make sure it will provide shade for the life in the brook on warm summer days.
Marie Larsson röjer i sin skog.
Marie enjoying some early spring sunshine with a ‘fika’ coffee break after thinning birch trees to ensure the stronger ones have plenty of room to thrive. These are too small to be of any use for pulpwood but will be ideal as firewood to heat our home next Winter once chopped and dried.

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