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Global Pulp News Time for change, urgently

Time for change, urgently

Medlem som står och tittar ut över en fin skog

COP 27 left us in little doubt that climate mitigation is now a global emergency. As Director of Sustainability, Anders Norén, points out: “With warnings that the world is looking increasingly unlikely to meet its 1.5° targets, it’s clear that cooperation throughout industrial supply chains is more important than ever if we are to make meaningful progress, which is what we all want.”

Anders Norén Hållbarhetschef
Anders Norén, Sustainability Manager

Södra has set itself the target of reducing all greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 compared with 2020 and to be at net zero by 2040.

“It should be reassuring for companies who choose to work with us that our business model is inherently sustainable as it is based on family foresters growing and using renewable raw materials to provide sustainable alternatives to fossil-based products,” Norén adds.

“Our actions today have a lasting impact. That’s why we are already planting for the future and climate mitigation, looking for ways to manage our forests and plant seedlings that will be best suited to a changing climate since they won’t be harvested for 80-90 years. With threats from pests such as the bark beetle proliferating in milder winters, for example, it becomes even more important to plant for resilience, placing the right tree in the right soil to ensure our forests are vital, absorbing and storing carbon dioxide for generations to come.

“Our aim is to minimize our footprint in all that we do and thereby help our customers minimize theirs. That’s why we are investing in everything from optimized forest management and operational efficiency to green energy generation, fossil-free fuels and electric vehicles.”

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