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Global Pulp News The people behind the pulp: Göran Lindell

The people behind the pulp: Göran Lindell

Södra member and forester. One of our 52,000+ members explains the benefits of his Södra membership and a life in forestry.

“I have been a member of Södra since the 1970s. We live on our forest farm and harvest different types of timber. A significant part is sold to Södra. Our forest inspector ensures that the mills receive the right wood at the right time.

I’ve been a forester, to some extent, throughout my working life. When I was I child, we used horses to transport the timber and I used to sit on the sledge. A lot has changed since then and I have had the opportunity to follow the industry’s progress. These days the farm is partly owned by one of our sons, but I still work part-time with felling, thinning and so on. The major difference nowadays is that I take the time to go home and have lunch!

I appreciate working outdoors and taking part in forest development, even though it is a long-term process. I also like the physical part of the job and will probably keep going as long as I have the strength.

As a Södra member, it’s a great feeling to own the production process, from seedling to finished product. I feel involved, which has provided a certain sense of security throughout the years. I’m very fond of the cooperative idea behind Södra, which remains alive and well to this day.”

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