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Global Pulp News More tall oil in your tank

More tall oil in your tank

Bioproducts Flaska av tallolja
Bottle of talloil

A new evaporator plant is due to start up at our Mönsterås pulp mill in June 2023 and apart from increasing the mill’s energy efficiency and overall performance, the seven-effect Valmet line will boost production of tall oil – a product from the kraft pulping process.

Johannes Bogren
Johannes Bogren, Vice President of Södra Cell Bioproducts.

Evaporation line 3, as it is known, will replace evaporation line 1 and at the same time, raise the target level of tall oil produced per tonne of pulp from 22 kg/tonne to 26 kg/tonne, significantly boosting Södra’s current crude tall oil capacity of 46,000 tpy.

Tall oil from Södra can be found as a component in a huge variety of products, from soap and glue to paints and printing ink. But within the past years, demand for tall oil for one its key uses – as the basis for forest-based biodiesel – has risen sharply.

“The Renewable Energy Directive Recast (RED II) has significantly raised EU targets for renewable energy, and as a consequence, the proportion of biofuel required in diesel at the pumps is steadily rising. Diesel in Sweden is already required to be a market-leading 26 percent biofuel, for example,” says Johannes Bogren, Vice President of Södra Cell Bioproducts. “As a result, tall oil, part of our Liquid Forest™ range, is much sought after. The extra capacity from the evaporator plant investment at Mönsterås is a very welcome development, and there is more to come in terms of initiatives to increase our yield yet further. Tall oil is a win-win. It represents maximum resource utilisation – using the tree to the full – while also reducing the climate impact of the biofuel industry by cutting back carbon dioxide emissions.”

Södra also has a 25 percent stake in the tall oil refinery Sunpine and next year will seek FSC certification for its tall oil.

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