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Global Pulp News Introducing LiquidForest™: Part three – Biomethanol

Introducing LiquidForest™: Part three – Biomethanol

Bioproducts Flaska av biometanol
Bottle of biomethanol

There is a disadvantage to being a pioneer - no one has been there before you! Inaugurated last October, our commercial biomethanol plant at Mönsterås is a world first so we are on a steep learning curve. We are only just over a year old, but we have made substantial progress during this first half year and we are delighted with feedback from trials so far.

“There have been teething problems, as you would expect from new technology,” remarks Viktor Odenbrink, Sales Director. “But we now have a product with an acceptable sulphur content that is being very well received and showing great potential for a number of applications. At present, almost all our production is for biodiesel, both as a pure biodiesel for trucks but also blended into the diesel at Swedish and Danish pumps to decrease the carbon footprint for cars. 

“However, trials run by ScandiNAOS have also shown very positive results for its potential as a marine fuel with the company confirming that emissions (NOx etc) are almost identical to a fossil methanol and that it is suitable for the engines in their vessels.”

“The fossil-based methanol market is around 100 Mt,” adds Johannes Bogren, Vice President Södra Cell Bioproducts, “so there is huge potential for greener alternatives here.”

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