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Global Pulp News Introducing Liquid Forest™ part two: Turpentine

Introducing Liquid Forest™ part two: Turpentine

Bioproducts Flaska av terpentin
Bottle of turpentine

At the end of last year, Södra launched its Liquid Forest™ range of climate-smart bioproducts, sustainable alternatives to fossil-based fuels and chemicals.

Most of us think of cleaning paint brushes as the obvious use for turpentine, but it has a broad variety of actual and potential applications, as Sales Director Viktor Odenbrink explains: “Just one example is the flavour and fragrance industry. Just about every bottle of perfume contains turpentine. We think of perfume as the product of small boutique labs in Paris, but the reality is that large chemical companies are behind the manufacturing process.”

Like every other industry, chemical producers are seeking more sustainable alternatives to fossil-based products and everyone is looking for green feedstocks, as Johannes Bogren, Vice President of Södra Cell Bioproducts points out. “Environmental legislation has concentrated on fuels and energy to date, but chemicals will surely not be an exception,” he says. “It’s just a matter of time before there is an added incentive to seek greener solvents.”

“That’s why we branded our bioproducts as Liquid Forest™ - to help raise awareness among potential customers that we have the sustainable alternative they seek, straight from the forest,” he continues. “In fact, turpentine was the first product Södra ever made from its forests, back in 1940, so we are far from new to this market, but many companies are not even aware that turpentine can be produced from renewable forests. The Liquid Forest™ campaign will seek to raise awareness of the sustainable alternatives available from Södra’s pulp mills.”

“It’s very important to support the value chain and help find new markets for these alternatives to fossil-based chemicals,” says Odenbrink. “If we can help customers find new ways to extract and use the components within our forest-based turpentine, we help contribute towards a more sustainable future and add value for everyone involved in that process.” 


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