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Global Pulp News Värö gears up for next expansion phase

Värö gears up for next expansion phase

Södra Cell Värö

Following recent approval from the Board to expand pulp production from 700,000 tpy to 850,000 tpy at Södra’s Värö mill, Marcus Åsgärde, Mill Manager, is understandably excited. He played an instrumental part in planning the step-by-step approach which will bring the mill up to its full potential over the next few years.

Stage one will increase capacity to 780,000 tpy by 2022. “After Värö’s major rebuild in 2016, we quickly saw we had the potential to get even more from the mill,” recalls Åsgärde. “We were able to run for brief periods at full capacity but not maintain that level consistently, which is what we want.

Marcus Åsgärde, Mill Manager in Värö.

“We will be doing a number of things to make the mill more robust against fluctuations in production, including installing buffer tanks and modifying or changing some of the few parts of the line that were not replaced during the 2016 rebuild. Among the upgrades, there will be a new wash press and additional combi screens, as well as a new white liquor tank.

In addition, turpentine production will increase by some 80 tpy and tall oil by 1,600 tpy.

“These incremental improvements can be made in parallel to normal operations and started up gradually, some as soon as next spring, so there will be no additional downtime. 

“Our consistency is already good but once we’ve done everything we are planning, we should see it rise higher still. A stable supply of consistently high-quality pulp means added peace of mind for our customers.”


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