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Global Pulp News Mönsterås stop will ensure optimum start for 2021

Mönsterås stop will ensure optimum start for 2021

Södra Cell Mönsterås
Jonna Brandt
Ulf Eriksson

At the end of week 48, Mönsterås will take a planned six-day shutdown to carry out essential maintenance as well as a number of additional measures to ensure the mill performs at its best into 2021 and beyond.

Maintenance Manager Tobias Runesson explains: “We have another stop scheduled for the Spring next year, but some jobs have already been delayed due to Covid-19 and cannot wait any longer. The inspection of pressurized vessels, for example, is overseen by a third party and had been due several months ago. We had discussed rolling everything into one longer stop but safety has to come first and we will have all the necessary Covid-19 precautions in place, just as we did for the successful stops at Värö and Mörrum.”

As well as routine maintenance and cleaning, the 400 personnel expected on site will be conducting a thorough inspection of the recovery boiler and servicing the digester’s wash presses so the mill can guarantee optimum performance and availability for the future. The drying machine will get new press rolls and the lime kiln new bearings.

“These sound like minor jobs but they actually involve a lot of work,” Runesson says. “Once done, the overall impact of all these measures together is that we minimize any availability issues and improve our cost efficiency.”

“Around 14,000 tonnes of production will be lost during the stop. After the second shutdown planned for weeks 17-19 of 2021, further improvements will include a rebuild of the recovery boiler and a new screening plant. Production capacity will increase by some 10,000 tpy and customers will be able to look forward to even cleaner pulp than we have now.”


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