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Global Pulp News Another step for FiberSafe® straps

Another step for FiberSafe® straps

Following the excellent reception FiberSafe® straps have received in the market, we are investing in another binder for our sustainable baling solution at our Mönsterås mill.

“It’s not really a surprise that feedback from our customers has been so positive,” says Sales Director Maria Staxhammar. “FiberSafe® straps have numerous advantages over wires. They eliminate the risk of wires injuring operators at manual wiring stations, they save time (because the straps can be treated just like the bale so no need to dewire), and they save the cost of a dewiring station. They also eliminate the disposal costs associated with wires. In addition, because FiberSafe® straps are cellulose-based, they are, of course, based on a renewable, sustainable material which can help the customer add value to their own branding in terms of a more sustainable supply chain.”

While it’s pulp from Mönsterås that has mostly been baled using FiberSafe® straps to date, Mörrum has also been trialing FiberSafe® straps with a Swedish customer and feedback there, too, has been very positive. “We’re anticipating that demand for this sustainable strap will grow from Mörrum’s customers as well,” Staxhammar says, “and we will no doubt also look at Värö’s options for producing them in the future. I think this will become the new standard for the industry.”

Staxhammar is also in charge of Södra’s Take Care logistics initiative, which aims to ensure that deliveries are taken care of every step of the way from our mills to our customers’ gate. It’s probably why she also has an eye for an added advantage of FiberSafe®: “It may sound like a small point, but FiberSafe® also looks good! It’s important to us that the customer sees an aesthetically-pleasing, pristine unit when they accept delivery of our pulp. FiberSafe® brings an added touch of reassurance, conveying a sense of care, purity and sustainability. It’s something that I really like, and it seems our customers do too!”

View the full technical specifications for FiberSafe® straps here.

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