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Global Pulp News Calling all heroes!

Calling all heroes!

Our latest ad campaign is deliberately tongue-in-cheek and even features some of our staff dressing up as superheroes. But there’s a serious message behind the frivolity.

In contrast to those who urge consumers not to print an email or receive a paper bill for the sake of the planet, we are seeking to promote the message that choosing products from sustainably-managed forests is a positive act for the environment. In fact, when you consider all the benefits of an industry based on a sustainable, renewable, recyclable, biodegradable raw material, it’s positively heroic.

That’s how we came up with the name “Act of a hero” (#actofahero). Because far from feeling guilty, we think that the consumer who actively chooses products based on sustainable forest raw materials should feel like a hero.  We are not looking to put fibre-based products up against other materials, we’re simply pointing out that choosing something made from a sustainably-managed forest is a great plus for the environment.

This is preaching to the converted of course – most of our stakeholders are well aware that we are far advanced in terms of sustainability, and anyone who works within the industry understands the intrinsic benefits of sustainable forestry. The challenge lies in convincing the players downstream in the value chain. So we are aiming further with #actofahero that we have before: We don’t just want to talk to you, our direct customers, but to your customers, and ultimately to the consumer.

Communicating downstream in the value chain is new and exciting, and to ensure that the message hits home, we have chosen to work with two important customers in the tissue and specialty paper segments, respectively. They will connect us with their key stakeholders, who will be brought in as additional target groups in the campaign.

We’ll be running the #actofahero campaign from mid-May to late autumn when the hero theme will be broadened further. We need your help to spread the word that pulp and paper products from sustainably-managed forests are a good thing. And, as always, we welcome your feedback.





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