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Global Pulp News Even stricter limits mean even cleaner pulp

Even stricter limits mean even cleaner pulp

The cleanliness of Södra’s pulp was already a matter of pride for our mills, but even tougher parameters will now ensure optimum consistency and peace of mind for customers.

We know that in a competitive market, our customers need to know that the pulp they receive will be consistently of the highest quality. That’s why Södra is delighted to announce even lower parameters for the dirt content in all its softwood paper pulps. The new parameters have been made possible through a series of investments and optimisation programmes at all three Södra mills, including upgraded machinery and work on chemicals in the fibre line. All new business is guaranteed the new limits from 15 June.

Fully-bleached pulp (typical brightness 89.5 ISO) will now carry a maximum dirt content limit of 5 mm2/kg (previously 7) while 85 ISO brightness grades are down from 12 to 10 and the 70 ISO brightness grade from 25 to 15 mm2/kg.

“In reality, we are typically far below these limits, averaging 1-2 mm2/kg”, says Christer Fasth, technical product manager. “In fact, Mörrum frequently achieves a dirt content of less than 1 mm2/kg. But the occasional times that customers may have received higher dirt content than the normal case will now be eliminated with these guarantees, offering peace of mind and even greater consistency.

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