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Global Pulp News Eight meters to impact

Eight meters to impact

Today Södra releases part two within the marketing concept “The Södra Experience”. The campaign aims to communicate how Södra is showing the way and meeting its customers’ demands whatever their challenge may be.

Our new marketing concept “The Södra Experience” is a series of campaigns, starting with “a tougher experience” and “Eight meters to impact” which is focused on our product characteristics.

The first campaign “a tougher experience” exemplified how we can meet our customers’ demands even if it means making a ball from paper that would be tough enough to stand up to a whole game of rugby. Now it’s time for step two; “Eight meters to impact”. This campaign highlights our customers’ demands for strength and softness.

“Our new marketing concept illustrates how we can help our customers with their challenges. In a competitive market we need to highlight what makes us unique. We have the resources and competence to add value for our customers. With this campaign we want to create awareness for our products and our new service concept Pulp+” says Marcus Hellberg, Marketing Director Södra Cell.

Please share, like and post!

“Eight meters to impact” will be marketed in all of Södra´s communication channels. So do please join us and share the campaign with your contacts. The film will be live on 13/3!

Fun facts

  • A softer experience was recorded in Stockholm at Barkarby airfield between June 8-13th
  • The jump was performed with the help of a professional stuntwoman, an 8-meter-high diving tower and 7,536 soft paper rolls.
  • Our customer Sofidel, Kisa supplied all soft paper rolls. The landing area was supported by cartons.
  • The jump was closely planned, trained and supervised by a highly experienced stunt coordinator.

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