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Global Pulp News Kick it, throw it, rip it!

Kick it, throw it, rip it!

Today Södra releases its new marketing concept “The Södra experience”. The aim is to communicate how Södra shows the way and meets its customers’ demands whatever their challenge may be.

Södra has invested 6 billion SEK in its three pulp mills in Värö, Mörrum and Mönsterås. As a result, production capacity will grow by 1.9 million tonnes of pulp by 2018. This will make Södra one of the world´s leading market pulp suppliers. 

Södra will now shift its marketing concept from expansion to our customers’ demands and challenges. Södra doesn’t just produce and deliver pulp of the highest quality. It also wants to help its customers to develop their products, reduce their costs and streamline their processes. With our vast knowledge and experience, we can help the customer achieve the result they desire. We call this way of working, Pulp+. Pulp+ is Södra´s new service concept that offers tailor-made services within products, innovation, sustainability, support, logistics and much more. 

Kick it, throw it, rip it!

Our new marketing concept “The Södra experience” is divided into two campaigns, “a tougher experience” and “a softer experience” both focused on our product characteristics. The first campaign “a tougher experience” exemplifies how we can meet our customers’ demands even if it means making a ball from paper that would be tough enough to stand up to a whole game of rugby. 

“Our new marketing concept illustrates how we can help our customers despite their challenges. In a competitive market we need to highlight what makes us unique. We have the resources and competence to add value for our customers. With this campaign we want to create awareness for our products and our new service concept Pulp+” says Marcus Hellberg, Marketing Director Södra Cell. 

Hugo Mann, Business Director at Ehrenstråhle DDB, responsible for the production of the campaign states:

“In a competitive market, people expect great communication and it needs to be high quality. The purpose of the campaign is to highlight and illustrate Södra’s product characteristics in a new, modern, dramatic way,” according to Hugo Mann, Business Director at Ehrenstråhle DDB.

Fun facts

- A tougher experience was recorded between June 8-13th

- The recording took place during one night between 20:00-05:00

- During the set it was 8 C

- The rugby ball is made out of paper and now resides at Södra´s head office in Sweden


Please share, like and post! 

“A tougher experience” will be marketed in all of Södra´s communication channels. So do please join us and share the campaign with your contacts. 

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