Every project is unique

No two Pulp+ projects will follow the same path, but two things will be the same. We will implement a transparent process, where we jointly set goals that we together follow up and evaluate at agreed checkpoints. And we will assign a dedicated team to drive this process towards the goals, led by a senior expert.


We have developed a simple, robust and well-proven process for driving Pulp+ projects. It builds on five clear steps, with toll gates in between, giving ample room for feedback and adjustments. 

The Pulp+ Process.

Off- and online

Some of the Pulp+ services and functionalities can be accessed online, others are implemented through practical work, and others will be the fruits of ongoing cooperation.


As a Södra customer, you get full access to all the information, services and functionalities that are relevant for your operations. And please note, only you will have access to your data, no one else.