Human resources

Södra strives to be an attractive employer with motivated employees. The company’s objective is for employees to become involved, contribute and grow, while seeing the entire Group as a possible arena for these purposes. The value words in the HR strategy are whole, closeness and movement. Every employee plays an important role in the whole.

The meetings and close relationships strengthen the company and the employees in a corporate culture that stimulates change and innovation. Working conditions should be safe and stimulating. Absence due to illness remains low. The number of workplace accidents decreased during the year. The injury frequency rate was 13 in 2015, which is lower than the preceding year. The Group’s long-term target is an injury frequency rate of less than 10.

Sustainable sourcing

The sustainability aspect is a key component of purchasing processes when new sourcing solutions are developed in collaboration with the business operations.

To identify the overall most cost-efficient sourcing opportunities, the total cost, quality, safety and environmental aspects are assessed. All of these parameters are included in the documentation for purchasing decisions.

As part of the process to strengthen Södra Procurement’s sustainability work, the Group’s most significant product groups from a sustainability perspective have been identified and subjected to a risk assessment.

 By identifying and assessing risks for working conditions, corruption, safety and environmental impact in each product group, the prioritisation of the Group’s most important suppliers, from a risk perspective, becomes clear.

Södra in the community

Södra cooperates with local residents, schools, non-profit organisations and politicians to ensure positive and sustainable development in the community. The basic approach is to be as accessible and transparent as possible towards all stakeholders.

Södra is an active participant in various dialogues to clearly monitor and stimulate initiatives that promote the recreational and leisure values in forestry. The commitment of Södra and the members to social values is based on the right of public access.

Södra’s industry policy programmes are focused on protecting the right of individual forest owners to use their forest resources within the framework of prevailing legislation. A strong right of ownership and use also includes active consideration for the environment for the purpose of promoting sustainable forestry.


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