Södra’s target for Responsible employer and engaged employees is based on health and safety, gender distribution and equality, being an attractive workplace and having satisfied employees. 2015 is the benchmark year. 


By 2020, Södra’s sickness absence rate will not exceed 3 percent.

  • Södra has zero tolerance for workplace injuries and by 2020, the injury frequency rate will have declined 15 percent per year.
  • By 2020, at least 30 percent of Södra employees will be women.
  • By 2020, at least 85 percent of employees can recommend Södra as an employer.



The set of values and Code of Conduct are the foundation

Södra aims to unify the entire Group around a shared set of values, including through dialogue exercises. We do this to strengthen the Group’s culture and contribute to success with our Group strategy.

Södra’s Group-wide Code of Conduct describes how both employees and others who represent Södra are expected to behave and what employees can expect of Södra as an employer. The Code contains Södra’s business principles; health, safety and leadership at Södra’s workplaces; rights and working conditions, as well as environmental consideration and responsible forestry.

Health at work

Södra has a strong safety culture, in which employees have a duty to take care of themselves and of others. Our sustainability targets put further focus on health and safety; sickness absence and workplace injuries must be reduced. Much of the health and safety work is conducted locally, but the latter target applies to the entire Group.

The employees are offered fitness activities, occupational health services and health insurance. The health insurance provides rapid access to specialist care and can also be taken out by employees’ families and Södra’s members. Special rehabilitation plan coverage supports the rehabilitation of employees on long-term sick leave and their return to the workplace.

Open workplace

The forest industry is still dominated by men and we are working actively to increase the number of women employed by Södra. Today, about 20 percent of us are women and the target is to achieve at least 30 percent by 2020. We have also launched an initiative to increase diversity. The ambition is to be open to employees of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

Attractive employer

Södra works strategically and systematically with competence provision to attract, develop and retain talented employees. We encourage internal mobility because it strengthens the corporate culture and increases motivation and efficiency.

We work with systematic objectives all the way from Group level to individual performances. To encourage good performance, we apply a system of variable remuneration. The programme covers all employees except the CEO.

The employees’ motivation and performance are followed up in various ways. One goal and parameter is assigned particular priority: employees who recommend Södra as an employer. This parameter is followed up in Södra’s employee survey every second year


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