Our customer net is highly appreciated and the number of users is constantly increasing. This forces and encourages us to continuously strive to exceed your expectations in delivering high quality functionality.

Today about 40 per cent of Södra Cell’s delivered volumes are electronically ordered. This means that about 45 paper mills order pulp from Södra by sending information from their business system directly, by entering the required information on Pulp+, or by using a combination of the two.

Fully connected             

By using a fully connected setup that  integrates your business system directly to ours, you will receive a number of advantages:
•  Efficient daily routines •  An optimized supply chain •  A quick response –both for questions and if problems arise

To become fully connected requires some manual setup work, but once the setup is running, it will require less manual work on a daily basis. Once fully connected business information is directly transferred between your order systems and ours. This means the reduction of transaction costs and increased productivity for both parties. Linked systems also make it possible to use  supplier managed inventory – SMI, where order and stock consumption can be automatically interchanged between our systems, saving time and reducing administration costs.


Using SMI  the following information can be exchanged:

• Stock level reports • Consumption forecasts • Delivery plans • Consumption reports • Advance shipping notices • Goods receipts

The information that will be exchanged between our systems automatically and that which will be entered manually on Pulp+, is something that we decide together in each individual case in order for the customer to get the most out of the setup. When a full connection is used all information is transferred electronically between business systems. Our e-hub enables information to be exchanged with full compatibility from several different standard formats. 

Online functions

Connecting business systems normally is a very  time consuming project for both parties. Therefore, as an alternative we can provide you with access to start using Pulp+. This requires no system-to-system integration but still provides several useful functions for business transactions along with information about Södra Cell, our services and products. This setup can be used either as a long-term solution or as an Initial setup solution, before adapting  a full connection.


As mentioned previously, Pulp+ has a variety of different functions and tools to help you in your daily and strategic work. It can help you to handle your pulp business and pulp development and to manage and access different types of important information.  

We are constantly developing Pulp+. Our own experiences accompanied by feedback from our customers  has resulted in new functions and better information being made available. Our customers and users of Pulp+ play an vital role in the development of our  extranet and your feedback on the functions that are presently available, as well as requests for new functions that you would find useful, are of great value to us.

Combined connections

A number of customers have initially started using this service by entering information directly on  Pulp+ before gradually moving on to fully integrated systems. This approach provides immediate business benefits as well as a high level of long-term productivity.

The combination of manually entering information online for transfer between fully connected business systems is a highly flexible and popular solution. Here are three different examples:

Examples: Customer mill 1: This mill receives regular, large deliveries and has appropriate logistics. The customer is well prepared for e-business so we have agreed to move to SMI and fully connect their business systems to Södra’s.
Customer mill 2: This mill also receives regular, large deliveries from Södra. However, the customer has limited resources to develop system IT links, so they chose to use PulpServices Online for entering and transferring the required information to Södra.
Customer mill 3: This mill consumes quite low volumes from Södra. The best solution is to use PulpAccess to make up-to-date planning information available to both parties. Information is entered via PulpServices Online.

E-Connect process

The e-Hub is our ‘integration hub’ for e-business. It enables you to communicate with us in your preferred standard format. An added benefit is that any format changes you perform will not affect our business systems, and vice versa.

The e-Hub solution makes information from various customers compatible with our systems. While most of our e-business customers use the PapiNet (PAPINET) format, others use XCBL, GUSI and Chem XML.