At Södra we work hard to make sure that our customers can rely on our pulps, unit after unit, delivery after delivery. When you choose a pulp from us, you can be sure that what you asked for is what you’ll get. Every time. The reason for our confidence is our significant investment in on-line quality control.

Using the latest on-line analysers and testing equipment, we monitor our production lines continuously in real time, for everything from brightness and fines content to fibre length and coarseness. If we detect a spike in dirt count, for example, or we see an unexpected variation in tear strength, the pulp is either pulled from the line or immediately reassigned to a different product category.

At the same time, we measure fibre strength offline. This key parameter is used together with online fibre data to predict pulp properties so we can foresee how our pulps will behave in any given situation. We collate the data and feed it into a mathematical model which we believe is second to none, giving us a highly accurate and detailed picture.

It is this combination of extensive gathering of data on fibre properties together with our extensive fibre knowledge which sets us apart when it comes to quality control. One thing is for sure: A delivery from Södra means you can rest easy, knowing you will get exactly what you ordered.

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