Over the past few years, Södra Cell Mörrum has introduced several new LEAN tools and techniques.

"A joint working method is essential for creating a process that is positive and clear for everybody. And besides creating a better overall structure for employees, customers should also notice the ifference;  their pulp will be top quality and delivered on time. We hope they will notice how professional we are, from cleanliness to streamlining and the focus and commitment of our employees," said Annica Larsson Ahlstedt, Head of Development.

Working together with Produktionslyftet (a national programme initiated in 2006 to boost productivity in Swedish industry), has also led to the establishment of several improvement teams focused on learning and joint working methods. The former Steering Committee is now being reorganised to form a LEAN Council, and the line organisation will assume responsibility for control and implementation. More people will be trained, and more improvement teams started.

"If we don't take a holistic approach to LEAN, the tools will soon become useless. Working with Produktionslyftet has generated many benefits, in terms of both processes and how we work everyday" said Stefan Sandberg, Mill Manager.

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